Unblock IC Card / Reset PIN
Unblock IC Card / Reset PIN
System Recommendation
  • Operating System: Windows、MAC
  • Browser: IE11(or above version)、Chrome、Firefox
Operation Instructions
  • (1) Please install「Windows plugin」or「 MAC plugin」first. And reboot your browser.
  • (2) Insert your IC card into the card reader. And select the corresponding IC card via ”▼” icon. The system will automatically shows the information of your IC card.
  • (3) Enter your subscriber code you set at application (differentiate the lower and upper cases of English letters).
  • (4) Enter your new PIN code (to enhance security, you are recommended to use a combination of numbers and English letters ranging from six to eight characters and no spaces).
  • (5) After examination by the Certification Authority, proceed with decoding of the locked card.
  • (6) You can now use your new IC card after decoding of the locked card.

※Download and install the「HiCOS Client」if "Web Page Errors" appears or no response when pressing the operation button, while enforcing the various certification operations on the MOICA website.
Steps are described as follows:

  • (a) Installing the Hicos Card Management Tool: Please press the download hyperlink「HiCOS Client」and decompress the execution file to install HiCOS Card Management Tool.
  • (b) Please reboot your computer after the installation and press Start / Programs / HICOS PKI Smart Card / HiCOS卡片管理工具 / 點選鎖卡解碼 / 忘記pin碼/鎖卡解碼,do as the instruction to unblock your IC card.
Unblock IC Card / Reset PIN
Unblock IC Card / Reset PIN
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Unblock IC Card / Reset PIN